Friday, April 28, 2006

Tampa Bound

Well, I got the job!!!! This means I am moving to Tampa to play with trains that have been derailed by pennies and to clean up the mess they make. Yeah it is a little scarey...I have never done anything like this before. This is just a new chapter in my life and I am going to grab it by the horns and try to live everyday to the fulliest.....well until i get wore out and just want to sleep for a week straight.

Anyways I will have a cube in the office. There are crocs arcoss the street. And I will mainly be out in the field.

I'll probably post more about this when I get more info and finals are over!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

oh my!!!

You Are 84% Evil
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The devil is even a little scared of you!

How evil are you?

captain morgan

Stupid ken.....i dont want to have the worst week next week so yeah i am doing EVERYTHING i can to make sure it is good

You opened it! you're going to have the WORST week of your life next week...unless you repost this within the next 5 minutes...calling it:

bicardi[if you're single & love it]

vodka[if you're single & whatever happens, happens...]

smirnoff[if you like someone but they dont know]

margarita[if you're taken]

captain morgan[if you're taken & madly in love]

wine coolers[if you like someone who doesn't like you back]

martini[if u are confused about someone]

jack daniels[if you feel like giving up on love all together]

ha ha ha funny thing it is captain morgan...ive been on captain morgan's bluff

yeah I know that is sexy!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's in your CD player?

After I took a test tonight I got in my car and turned it on. I hear a loud ass bird in my car! Well it scared the crap out of me. Well it was on my cd player came on and started playing. heh yeah I know my own cd. Well it was given to me today so it is new. My teacher gave me a bootleg bird song cd.

so yeah it is funny :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

End of the semester craziness

So it has been a very busy week. I have 5 tests and a HUGE project all due before finals start. Also, I have started to pack up my crap as well as my moms. I am in the process of finding a storage unit to store this stuff in until my sister can come out and haul it back to Utah to store is there. If I don't a storage unit filed by next Tuesday I will probably lose all my mom stuff. Yeah my father WOULD do that. You might be wondering why next Tuesday....that is such an odd time. Well Tuesday I am going to Tampa. Yeah you heard me. My phone interview went really well. It was surprisingly short. I think I was on the phone with my sister after the interview long than I was with the guy. Well they want me to go down there and meet all the senor executives. So that means I get a free flight (leaving tues from g-vegas coming back wedn to g-vegas) free hotel and they are paying me back for the rental car. heh I like the sound of that. I think I need another little mini vacation. I just wish it wasn't so stressful on the wedn. I asked for an itinerary for while I was down there and well this is what I got

0830-0900: Barbara (Introduction to ARCADIS/Application/Benefits)
0900-0930: Chip
0930-1000: Kathy
1000-1030: Leslie
1030-1100: Janette
: Lunch (Brandy, Melvin, Brian; Andy)
1215-100: Greg

yeah that is only half the day but it is a lot to do and handle for that short time. I have know idea what I am going to do or say. And some time before I leave this tues I have to find a way to get a suit and shoes and have my hair and nails done. I guess I should also do a little more research into the company too and maybe these people I am meeting...heh...stalky stalky

Anyone know how much salary I should ask for....cuz I sure don't know. I know that Greg asked me that during our phone interview.

Well I ended up getting a lot of my moms things taken care of this evening starting around 9. I got a call from my father.....He was telling me that he was going to throw my moms stuff away soon. So earlier today I did get a storage unit and figured hey I have a test tomorrow. I can move this stuff after my test. One day won't hurt anything. Then that phone call came. So yeah I was upset. I started packing my car up. Then boy text msg me and I called him back crying and telling him what happened. He got off work and got his dad to come down with his truck and helped me move a lot of the stuff that was already in the boxes and lots of pictures and family photos my dad would have ended up throwing away. Boy would have come down too but he had to go back to work. But it was still really sweet of him.

On a good note....I found my moms knitting machine!!! woo so someday I am going to have to try it out. It looks like a lot of fun I just hope it has directions. I also found the baby blanket my mom made for me a few years ago. And in the box with the knitting machine I found another one she made for me cuz she made one for my sister and I said how much I liked it.

Well I guess I should get back to studying seeing this post took me literally all day to write. I think I started writing it about 9 am and well I am now done with it at 12 27 am

oh soon I am going to post on my photo album the pictures from when boy took me to the beach a few weekends ago :D

im not allowed to say this but he really is a sweetheart. heh <3

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

quick update

well I am about to go to lab but I thought I should just share that my phone interview is on FRIDAY! until then I will be trying to go through my normal routine and finding out more about the company....wooo

Honestly, I don't think I would be to heart broken if I dont get this job. Im just kinda excited cuz it is my first responce. ok lab time!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think I might of had a stroke

I got home today and opened my email and I had gotten an email back from one of my many job apps. It is from arcadis, which is an environmental company. That is all I really know about it right now. I am going to do some uber research on it tonight. Well the email they sent me was so I could set up a phone interview with them. This is my first real interview. Yeah I have been on interviews before with these little peon jobs. They never really mattered so I really didnt care about the interviews. But this one is like a big deal! If I do well and end up getting this job I will still be on the East coast, however I will be in tampa, fl. Still humid and but I think I can deal with it if they offer me enough. :D

Ok my things to do list is:
  • research arcadis
  • find out what kind of job requirements I will have
  • find out what those job requirements are
  • figure out what the hell they are going to ask in this phone interview
  • come up with some spiffy way to make myself shine

hmm guess I should tone up my phone/paging voice for this...LMFAO!

This will all be happening AFTER dinner tonight. So if anyone wants to help im me, email me, or comment. Right now Im going out to dinner with dad and the whore.

When I get back I also need to upload the pics from the beach and post them. (boy was so sweet and took me to myrtle beach this last weekend)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ok so it has been a really long time since I posted. Well...what can I say..I've been keeping myself busy. The bookstore is now pretty much done with the remodel. All of our month long buddies have now left and we are back to the same old same old routine....*sigh*

Well I am currently in search of boxes and packers...anyone want to help....jk

So here's what is going on.....(warning it is really long)

One of my fathers friends moved here a while back. When my dad got laid off this friend told him to come out to south carolina because there are lots of jobs here! So we packed up and moved to Westminster. That has been the smallest town I have ever lived in. The south has been a complete shock for me. Well I transferred all my credits and started going to school. I was also the first one to get a job in the new state. It took my father a few months to find a job. He ended up getting a job at the same place his friend worked. After living in the rental house for a while we decided we needed a place that we could actually be warm during the winter. So my parents bought a house in Seneca. My father company got bought and split up. So he transferred to the same company as his friend. Shortly after we bought the house, my mother died. That was hard. About a year later my father started seeing this girl....Whore....why do I call her that. Well she has earned that name. She moved in on christmas eve...without even a warning.....with her two dogs!!!! At that point I have only had the chance to meet this girl once. WTF! So now she is still living with us. My fathers friend is never happy with his current job and is always on the search for a new and better one. His friend has gotten hired with a company out in Kansas City. He has now offered my father a job and my dad has accepted it. Well we all knew this was happening, however, there was no timeline given to us when we first talked about this. I found out last week that sometime within the next two weeks he was going out to Kansas City to help the company that I am assuming it is a new company that is just starting.....ok well setting up that seems ok. And his girlfriend is going with question was are you taking the dogs....yes yes they are :-D Then he tells me that next week his is going to have the realtor over to start selling the house. And we are just hoping that the house does not sell until after I graduate. Otherwise, I don't have a place to stay. So ok I get it...I need to start packing. I have been thinking about packing up anyways for when I do graduate and find a job I can move to it. When I talk about packing I am really saying going through my boxes and throwing a lot of junk I have kept over the years. Sure I will keep a few things from when I was growing up and it will be a lot harder to throw away a lot of stuff that reminds me of my mom because that is all we have left of her. Speaking of father has been wanting to go through her stuff and throw it all away! I can understand some of the things....however some things you just can't get rid of. My brother and sister has not had the chance to come out and go through all of it. They should have the right before it is all trashed. I do understand where he is coming from but he is being self centered....he is only thinking of himself....not of what anyelse wants. Just what ever would make him happy. So some how I have to find the time between work and school to go and pack my stuff and to make sure he doesn't go through and throw everything away. So his whore said she would go through and pack the stuff up.....I DON'T WANT HER TO GO THROUGH MY MOMS STUFF!!! wtf....that is just sick and wrong...have my dads new screw buddy go and touch and possibly take my mothers items. I don't know this girl....all I know is she likes to drink....and lay in bed and let her dogs shit all over the place.....

There is a positive side to this, my sister and her kids might come out and help me pack and get mom's things in order.

Boy is going to take me to the beach Easter weekend. I need a break but I'm not sure if I should take one. I don't trust either one of them to stay home alone with my mom's stuff. That is when they would have the opportunity to get rid of it all....and yes my father would do that and not tell me about it. Maybe I will get to see a shark...I like sharks :)

so lets all hope I graduate in may and can find a good paying job in Texas. I need to have a few more positive check marks in my column....

So that has been what has happened since my last post

But Ill try to post more about what is going on when more drama happens