Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sprint-together with NEXTEL

what an exciting day. I think that I spent over an hour at the sprint store in seneca. Why you might ask. To get the whore a phone on our plan. Why? Well to the best of my knowledge I am a genius. Yes, that is right...you heard me. I figure that my father and the whore are well not smart enough to go in and say hey I need to add a new phone line to my plan. But hey I got to spend an hour there and tried to pick out the worst free phone they had. I was a little dissapionted that they didn't have and really crappy free phones. You guys know which ones I am talking about. The green and black screens that are about 5 pounds. no... none of those :(

So I'm off to have an exciting night of studying. wooo!

Monday, January 30, 2006

i am sooo hot

well I am sitting here getting all sexy and thought I would share. I can not feel my face but it is all in the sake of beauty. (and we all know how beautiful I am)

So I have had a long day of school, not a lot of sleep last night, and well just a lot going on. So dont make too much fun of me!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Im Not Dying!!!

Yeah that is right...I said it. I think that I am going to make it through this month. My sinus headaches arent nearly as bad (heh i can open and close my eyes without that wonderfully blinding pain). I have my car keys now. oh yes I forgot that little story. Well flash back moment:

Well it was Wednesday when I had to close at the bookstore. I was working with Kevin M and Mike. We were in a hurry, I had to pee like no other and well kevin wanted to go work out. So we finished counting our drawers and got all our stuff and rushed out. I got to pee....that was wonderful! I then proceeded to my car while I called stephanie. Once i reached the parking lot I noticed that I was missing my keys. I had taken them off my belt clip earlier cuz they were hitting me. So there I am about 6:30 and it is dark and cold. I can't get into my car and i can't get into the bookstore. I call my father and well he is at his moose lodge meeting and wont be free for a few hours. So Super Stephanie comes and saves the day with her sexy little manual doors and locks rental car and takes me back to her house. We end up chilin there for a bit going through her cupboards.....canned salmon.....hmm. Finally, I call my dad and he is almost home so Super Stephanie and I go to my house get my keys, I finish off the bottle of childrens cough syrup (for my throat) and head over to the local drug store in clemson to get more meds. heh then to celebrate we go to taco hell. heh i do like their food :)

The next day when I show up to work my boss Donna looks at me and says we have your keys here I think......yeah i was sooo aware of it :)

ok well physics is about to start now....wooo

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My new name?

so i had my bird watching class today. I have to admit that is my favorite class. Today we got to go out and hike and look at birds. I think I am going to take my camera next time. Well to get the the point of this, I need to come up with a bird name. So any suggestions?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

first post!

Well this is the first post of many I hope. Hopefully I will keep up with this one.

Well, it is 1 am and I cant really sleep so I'm putting my energy into this.

Currently I'm making a baby blanket for one of the girl I work with. The baby shower is coming up soon so I better hurry up and get it done. It is going to consit of 20 of these squares.

Once this gets done then I can work on the other 6 projects I have started.