Sunday, September 30, 2007

Operation cat in the trap

Last night it was a success! I was laying in bed at about 130 AM and I thought I heard the trap go off. I just laid there to see if I could hear anything else. I was ohh soo comfy. Shortly after that Josh had to run to his friends house. So I got up and looked. The trap had gone off, some of the food had been eaten, but there was no animal. *sigh* So I went to bed and Josh went to his friends house. When he got back I was dead to the world but I shot up when he said you caught something! It was like Christmas morning for me. I go outside and there was my little black kitten. As soon as I opened the door she started her pitiful meowing. So I bring her inside, took a picture or two :-D, and let her out. My older cat, Charlie, is still smelling on her....all night long. But I went to bed with ALL of the animals. Mage slept right on top of me all night long purring. I don't remember the last time she purred so much.

My To Do List for Sunday:

  • Start the laundry (for my field clothes..ewww)
  • Finish up the dishes
  • Give Mage a bath
  • Tell the neighbors we found Mage (33%)
  • Find my BIG tent in the back bedroom
  • Setup my big tent (this might wait until the middle of the week)
  • Vacuum

Friday, September 28, 2007

Aren't you just full of attitude

This has been one very very long week. Somehow I have gotten a bunch of ant and/or mosquito bites. There has been lots of problems with the drillers (and their families). My cat, Mage, got out of the house Monday night/Tuesday morning. She climbed a tree and at around 3 the neighbor guy came out and saw me sitting out there watching her. He climbed the tree got her and dropped her to me. Now if you know me I have NO hand eye coordination. I told him this. To make it worse it is a black cat at night..... Well needless to say I missed her and she ran off. *sigh* We have heard her outside one night. Plus my older cat has been going crazy. I have been having to take him out on walks because he is soo upset that Mage is gone. I bought an animal trap today and set it up with some food. Hopefully we can catch her now.
To brighten up my week I got a present in the mail from my secret pal. It is awesome.

SP 11 Package!

the bouquet has bamboo dpn size 1 needles and zen yarn garden in the juicy fruit colorway. I have been good and have not ripped it open completely yet. Have to take it to the knitting group on sunday to show it off.

The yarn that I stole from Kelly has been put to good use. I am making the back to basics socks from the knitty fall 07.

Sock Yarn

So far I am on the gusset. Hopefully I will get it done before knitting tomorrow. As for now I think I might get to bed. Maybe check my cat trap before I do.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well I re-knit the HUGE monkey sock with a tighter gauge. Sadly, I tried them on and they still don't match. Like noticeably. I am going to rip out the first monkey and start on that one. One good thing is I have the pattern memorized now :-D

*sigh* I think it is bed time

Saturday, September 22, 2007


On my way home on Friday I had some car problems in the work truck. I was driving southbound on I-75 and was doing 70-ish when my front passenger tire blew. Funny thing I wasn't scared or worried. I slowed down (slowly..I didn't slam on the brakes :-D) got my flashers on and made sure I stayed in my lane (I didn't want to slam into the 18-wheeler besides me). Once I was able to, I pulled over to the shoulder. Luckliy, no one was hurt and there is only minor damage to the vehicle. We decided that the truck should be towed to the nearest Chevy dealership since the wheel well was broken and the ABS light was on. Once there they took a quick look at the truck and said that we needed a new rim (duuh...I drove on it for over 200 feet), the wheel well was broken, the ABS wires were probly broken, and the bumper was slightly bent. We got a rental car and FINALLY arrived at the office to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

So today I am just chilling. I have almost finished my Everlasting Bagstopper. Woot!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitten Update!

So we have opened the bedroom door an d let the little kitten roam around with the other cats. My older cat, Charlie, seems to be ok with it. He hissed a few times but they are just sniffing each other. Mage, the middle cat, is oh so not happy. She is hissing and will swat still. But they aren't going after each other. All is well so far!!

Terrible Tuesdays

Well I have not been able to finish my list as of yet....
This morning I noticed that the bathroom sink was leaking. So I called that in and have been waiting for them to show up. At about 1245 I noticed I forgot my doctors appointment. I tried to call them but there was no ringing. I ran up there and they were able to umm squeeze me in.
I was able to get some knitting done and hopefully more to come

Monday, September 17, 2007

Yay for vacation?

I took today off of work because I needed it. I have pretty much hit the ceiling with my vacation hours. I have a to do list for today and tomorrow

  • So the laundry (65%)
  • Pack my luggage (50%)
  • Vaccuum the bedroom
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Organize my yarn/other crafting (25%)
  • Separte meat into smaller freezable sections (100%...HA it was already frozen!!)
  • Socalize new kitten with other cats (errrr.....5%)
  • Take a shower
  • Go to the yarn store!

If I get done with everything

  • Re organize the back bedroom
  • Knit

I think that is most of my to do list. I also have work related items todo today too but that was because I was bad and didn't do them this weekend.

I will leave you with this mission. Help name my new kitten. It is a girl and she looks like this

new kitty 010

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saving the world one trash bag at a time

I just got back from Coastal Cleanup. We had a great turn out...about 25 people from my work. From what we saw we have been making an impact on the beach. The amount of trash had decreased dramatically over the last few years. I have taken the monday and tuesday off of next week (knitting time!!!)

My career

The career meme...
1. Go to Career Cruising,
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" quiz.
4. Post the top twenty results.
5. Put the careers you have seriously considered in bold.
6. Italicize any that are part of your current job/career.

1. Planner

2. Environmental Consultant

3. Drafter

4. Model Maker

5. Cartographer

6. Arborist

7. Forestry Technician

8. Fisher

9. Ecologist

10. Gardener

11. Roofer

12. Concrete Mason

13. Building Inspector

14. Aquaculturist

15. Coast Guard

16. GIS Specialist

17. Conservation Officer

18. Beekeeper

19. Air Traffic Controller

20. Road Construction and Maintenance Worker

26. Paleontologist (That would be fun!!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I FINALLY finished the baby blanket for my coworker.

Yarn 023

I think it turned out pretty well. I got up early this morning to get a gift bag from walmart to put it in.

This evening Josh and I went to his friends house. His friend's cat recently had kittens. They are slightly older than a month. He cant keep them all and will have to send some to the animal shelter. I dont like that idea. Animals get sick and for dead there. So I gave in to him. Josh has been talking about the kittens since they were born. Oh the kittens this and ohh the kittens that. So we went there and I checked out the kittens and let him pic one out. We got this cute little gray tabby. Her and cats aren't getting along yet so she is chilln in the backroom all curled up and sleeping. Well I am oh so tired so I will be going to bed now. Oh crap I almost forgot I should have gone to bed early tonight.....*sigh*

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Almost there

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on my yellow baby squares. I am almost done with the blanket. All I have left to do it the white border on *sigh* all the squares and then join them together. I am hoping to get it done today so it is off of my plate. I will post a picture of the finishing process! back to work

Friday, September 07, 2007

I <3 Holidays

For a short week it sure felt really long. I am going to enjoy this weekend by attemping to not do anything. I know I say that now but I will have to do house work....and laundry (deconing my clothes blah) Well more baby blanket tonight seeing I didnt work on it this week.