Saturday, February 18, 2006

There is more than one cylinder?

So I broke down yesterday and went to the Ford dealership. They fixed my brakes last year and well the brake light has been on for about a week and my brakes were squeaking. Well I finished Whore's blanket there while this young mother of two was pretty much drooling on my yarn. She was a little shocked that I could do something like that at a young age....well umm I don't have two kids, one of which will scream until he gets his way. Yeah that was a long.....hour? They knocked off the glaze on my brakes (i didnt know cars came in glazed) and filled up my break fluid. Then told me that I should check my master cylinder in a few days to make sure it is not damp. If it is damp then it is leaking....*sigh* lets hope it is still dry. It is about time to get two new front tires..heh

well off to bed gotta get up and go to ashias baby shower tomorrow :-D

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can you find the fish?

Yesterday I decided I needed to do something with my fish tank. Currently, I have a 2 gallon tank with a beta fish, Orca the Killer Goldfish. This winter the tank has been getting cold and well Orca doesn't like that. Seeing as I am soo smart I kept the light on all the time to warm the water up and it has warmed it up a lot. It also has created a surge or algea growth. So yesterday afternoon I decided to set up my other fish tank. It is a 10 gallon tank that is from walmart I think. Well Orca the Killer Goldfish is currently in the 10 gallon tank with a few fake plants. I am thinking when i get money to get another snail and put the snail and Orca back in the 2 gallon tank. THEN I can get me those sharks!!!!

Oh yeah I did have a snail before.....I killed it. Boy and I went and got me a snail and he named it shelly. It did a good job cleaning up all the algea then. However, a few months later it passed on. I killed our love snail (see how to lose a guy in 10 days if you dont get it).

Now the plan for today is
  • laundry
  • lab
  • homework
  • vaccum

Yeah I think that will do for now. I am halfway done with the laundry part. Just waiting till whore gets her clothes out of the washing machine.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Late New Year's Resolutions

heh thanks Stephanie. Well I was surfing on her post figuring out how she did all those cool links and I found this new years resolutions post. So yeah I have found a few resolutions that I am going to try and keep with all year and I just wanted to share them with you
  1. Catch a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Find out who I got that STD from.
  3. Spend more time surfing porn at work.
  4. Not strip for free anymore.
  5. To get a carnivorous fish. (ok that one I really am going to do...I want to get a small shark!!!)
  6. Dedicate my life to making someone else's horribly miserable.(now who will the lucky person be.....boy or whore.....hmm cant be that mean to boy he buys me dinner.....hmmm but whore buys me breakfast. hmm let's just make it whoever is within 3 feet of me at the time :) )
  7. Train my cats to hunt hamsters. (Ill have to talk to Jessica about that one....She got her cats to kill her little hamster)
  8. Stealing all of my music off of the Internet.(but I already do that)

so yeah that just took about 20 minutes out of my studying time....but I am not complaining. The other day I noticed that my new backpack has a rip on the inside. I bought it in August from amazon and was a little shocked that it hasn't even lasted a year! I emailed High Sierra on Monday and I am still waiting for a response on what they will do. If I don't hear anything tomorrow from them I think that they might get swamp with emails from me....yeah that's right I can do it.

Next week Clemson is having a career fair that will last for two days. This might be my chance to get a foot in the door. Hopefully I can make it to the first day. I have a lot of classes that day, so I probably will not be able to make it that day. This time I am not going there to just steal stuff, so I guess I will start on my resume and plan on what I am wearing. Thurs I know that I will run upstairs seeing I will be working downstairs. Afterwards, I have my birdwatching class so I'm gonna have to change (there is no why that I am going hiking and looking at little birdies in heels lol). So if anyone has any suggestions about this career fair feel free to post them.

No what should I do for dinner. I have LOTS of leftovers but I am not feeling them right now. Maybe I'll cook some pasta. That is fast and simple :)