Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last night I was at work and started to think that something can not be right about the cat. Can you tell she has been on my mind. Upon further inspection of my emails and work calendar I noticed that my job (which occured the week she got out and was my reference point) was pushed back. So in fact, her nine week mark is this week!!! So she is still going to pop any time now. Those of you who have placed in dates and kitten amounts will have the same weekday this week (unless otherwise informed)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My SP Package

Originally uploaded by knitsnbits.

This is the awesome clock that my secret pal sent me. I was able to snag a picture of it before I head off to work (Josh did have the camera!!)

my reveal package......

I just now like not even 5 minutes ago received my secret pal package. Luckily I was up and dressed for work (they put me on night shift for the beginning of this week and I opted to drive back to my house at night) when I heard a knock at the door. I hurried over there but the UPS guy had already put the package under the rug and was off. So I opened it and I got a wonderful clock. After much time of searching for my camera (which I am assuming Josh has stolen it for the day...) I decided to post about it and hang it up. It has a white background and green letters that say : See Sandy Knit.

EEEE! Thank you very much my not so secret pal anymore!!

fyi if things are misspelled or not capitalized I am sorry I have a very crappy keyboard and will be getting a new one this weekend. Have the time the shift buttons wont work.....

Prego Mage update: No kittens yet.....sheesh what is taking so long. I have been thinking maybe she isnt prego just fat.....yeah fat

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dreams Do Come True

I mentioned on Sunday to my knitting group about a dream I had last week. It was about clear shoes and how some of the knitting group was going to buy some. Well my dreams have come true......Clear shoes

Friday, November 23, 2007

If you like Pina Coladas

Thanks giving went pretty good. Nothing burnt. The turkey was good. Athena, the youngest kitten, stole a piece of Turkey!!!! Arg.

I did go shopping today. However, I did not get up at 6 am. I went out around 9 and walked around the mall and target and a few other stores. Nothing caught my eye so I did not spend anything. I then called Kelly to get some yarn, went over to her house, got scared by her, and went off to Fiber Art. I got the Fiber Trends Clog pattern I have been wanting, and then went to Joann's, evil Superstore Joann's, to pick up yarn for the slippers, and a quick stop to bed bath and beyond.

I started the fuzzy feet for my sister but put that on the side and I gave in and started the clog pattern! So far so good. Pics to come!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sweater weather?

Eileen you have inspired me. I am thinking about knitting my first(!!!) sweater. I was thinking about Colette Pullover from the new interweave knits. As many of you might know, when I try something new I don't go for the simple no possibe screwing it up. So this has TWO colors AND steeking. Josh looked at the picture last night and liked it a lot. And then said you should make it. I think I might wait until after xmas when I put away all the gifts I have not finished.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Any Guesses?

I am thinking that Mage will have 3 kittens by Thanksgiving. Anyone want to take a guess about how many kittens or when she will be having them? There might be something in for you. I have yet to decide *evil grin*

Sunday, November 18, 2007


So I am having camera problems. I have a Canon Powershot S1 IS and I think it is having CDD image problems. *sigh* Well at least I was able to DL the pics on it

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mage of the Mange

(Title just for you Kelly)
Well Mage has yet to give birth to the kittens. Tuesday will be the start date of 9 weeks (I know that she was out 9 weeks ago Tuesday...earliest possible day) Monday (maybe Tuesday) I will be out of town. We will see how things progress. I have felt the kittens move today. I am guessing at least three.

Friday, November 16, 2007


well this has been one long month. I am currently at work (day shift instead of night shift). The word around the block is that I might be doing this part of next week. We will have to see how it plays out. I am a little further on the irish hiking scarf for my bro in law. The goal is to get that done before xmas for him. I had to buy an extra ball of the bernat satin for it. If/When I get it done I will post a picture of it.

This weekend I will attempt to post a bunch of pictures that I have been neglecting on my camera for sometime now. Now I must attempt to stay awake for a few more hours until I can get this done and get back to MY house with MY cats and MY stupid shark dog. (I considered calling him sharkie there but I did not want to get him confused with sharkie the sharkfish that has passed on)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


One week of working on the night shift left. I am surprised that I made it through this last week. From what I am thinking this next week will be a little bit easier. They cut my scope of work back due to the fact it is slightly difficult to keep something air tight when you are hammering it down.

On another note, Mage should be having her kittens the week of Thanksgiving (the real American Thanksgiving).

Josh bought me my birthday present this weekend and gave it to me seeing I will be working the night shift on my birthday. He finished buying the items necessary to build me a desktop.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy November!

New month means I need to make up for my lack of blogging. October has been extremely busy at work. Ohio was nice to work in. Cooler weather, changing leaves, and no allergies!!

This was the sunset at the site.
This is one of the dirt roads we had to drive on (when it was nice)
This is our rental truck. It was a new truck. It still had the new car smell. The outside is clean compared to the inside.

Work extended my stay by a day so I had to fly in on Saturday, find a costume, and get ready to go to the Halloween party.
halloween 07

While I was away I received my secret pal package! I got the stitch n' bitch nation book and the Friday Night Knit Club. (pictures to come they need uploading) Woot. I had to put the books away so I won't read them before my looong week. I have been told I am working from 6pm to 6 am for the next two weeks!!

Halloween Day was nice seeing I got to stay in the office. I made Kelly's pumpkin bars. MMMMmmmm I also carved a pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest....and I won...First Place!!
Man on Fire

I ran home and got the dog, Ranger, into his costume outfit. As you can see he was a shark. A man eating shark!
Shark Sweater

Later on the night I light the pumpkin (a pan full of lighter fluid and a match)
Man on Fire Pumpkin

I put in for vacation today! YAY I am taking the entire Christmas week off. My boss came over to me to make sure that my vacation balance remaining was correct. That just shows you that I have been working WAY to much.

On that note I think I am going to go to bed early.