Sunday, April 29, 2007


Lets start out by saying that I have an AWESOME tan. It is the farmers tan with an added bonus of a watch line. This tan popped up on monday. I wasn't even out side for that long. This next week I am upping my SPF 35 to SPF 70. Hopefully I can even out my tan to my shoulders.
Photo of the week is this baby gator. Isn't it cute. It was up the way from one of my sites. The boys said that they saw the momma gator before I took this picture. Well I didnt believe them since they said they hit it in the head with a rock. BTW the ditch was about 10 feet deep so we were pretty safe. There was only a small amt of water in it where the gators were. None where we were working. Good thing cuz we went into the ditch to collect samples. The only thing we saw was a dead turtle....I would show you the pic but I got it before I knew it was dead...
The Ranch wasnt too bad. Lots of work and long hours like normal. The stupid daylights savings was making us work longer hors though. We were working from 7 to about 8. With drive time and dinner we were up from 6 -11 if we were lucky.
This weekend I have slept a lot so that means not a lot of yarn time. I am going through withdrawls!
Well I am off to get ready for yarn group!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Playing catch up...

This is the finished wee irish chain baby blanket!!!!

I have a little bit of left over yarn but it will be used shortly. I have already started the next baby blanket. When I get a little more progress on it I will post a picture.

This past Sunday I went to the mall with Kelly to go to a bath and body works special morning test products and get free stuff event. I picked up a few items (a small honeysuckle lotion, and the special hand lotion) We got a free hand massage with a scrub and lotion to soften the hands and ooo it smelt good, like oranges. I got a free gift value of 45 bucks! It was two small lotions, a honeysuckle room oil, and a serum.

After our day of beauty, we walked around the mall and got into a little trouble. We found these AWESOME sunglasses. Ok honestly who would by these.....they make me look like a huge bug.

Later on that evening I went out for a night on the town. One of my coworkers divorce party. So I was the sober one that got lots of stories. lol
I got home on Sunday at about 4 am after dropping them off. The next day at about 1 pm I crawled out of bed. Then Josh started playing with the kitten. AWWW look they are both looking at the camera!!

This next week I will be out in the field, but I will have my laptop on me. The next two week I will be back on the ranch as well installing some wells! Fun! At least I will have a lot of hours.
In my quarter review I was informed that I had the third highest billiable hours (My goal was about 400 and I was over 600) in the region. So yeah that is awesome!

Secret Pal package

Secret Pal package
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This is the package I came home to last week after having a very long 3 days at work. Let me just say that it made my day. I got out of my car and saw it propped up at my door. I squealed and ran inside and tore it open (hence the lack of before picture) It was beautifully wrapped in green tissue paper that my kitten started smelling and grabbing as soon as the package was opened. The yarn is oh so soft and a beautiful green and purple. When josh got up and saw the package he picked it up and said more.....ooooooo that is so soft! heh he is learning! I also got two count them TWO sock patterns, a bar of dark chocolate, and a box of tea. The tea is berryblossum white. This package was the best surprise EVER!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Here comes peter cotton tail hoppin down the bunny trail....

The last two weeks has been oh so busy. This has been my first day that i didnt have to get up early or do anything. So what did I do. I will tell you....I got my butt up out of bed this morning before 9 am and CLEANED. Like not just clean but like deep cleaning. I moved things around and threw labout 4 more boxes of crap I dont need away. I also got my computer desk and put that all together in the front room. I re organized the back bedroom. It is still full of boxes but it is a little bit better. All that is left is the bathroom kitchen and a ton of laundry. But it is ok I have all tomorrow for that too.

Yes I am still working on that freakin baby blanket. I HAVE to have it done my tomorrow the latest. That is when they are having the baby shower for the guy.

Other than the baby blanket I have not worked on anything else. Once this blanket is done I think I am going to try to organize all of my yarn. I might also pick up a blanket I was making a while ago and work on it. It is a crocheted blanket that I started making like 5 yrs ago. My mom wanted to work on it a little too so I stopped to let her do some. I might as well try to get it finished. Maybe Josh will like to use it....or maybe I will keep it for myself!!!!

Hope everyone has a good easter!!