Thursday, May 31, 2007

Picture update!

So I finally got the cable for my camera. So I am able to upload some of the pictures.

This is the current boyfriend blanket. We will see how far I get done on it. It is now three going on four squares!

This is my KOI!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fortuneless Fortune Cookie

I got my Suicide Kio yarn! yaaaay

Dinner tonight is chinese food. We found a somewhat good chinese restruant that delivers. Only one problem I got a fortune cookie with out a fortune. What does that mean to my future. How am I going to learn a new chinese word?!? What am I to do. Woe is me.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Dogs don't like apples

So last night was knitting night (please see Kelly's Blog about this) Kelly got all of the pictures since I left my camera cord at the office.

I ended up downloading Skype today as well (name is knitsnbits)

Well I made my favorite apple dip for the knitting group. It is cream cheese, brown sugar, vanilla, and chopped peanuts. You dip slices of apples (dipped in lemon juice) into the dip. yum

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Suicidal Koi

special-suicidal koi
Originally uploaded by missviolet.

My new purchase. Ooooh I can't wait to play with it! Sqee

54 is the magic number

I can not remember if I have mentioned this already or not but I have restarted the boyfriend blanket. I have decided I am not going to use the colors that he has picked out (black and dark blue). I was attempting to make a blanket out of those horrible colors. After almost a year and a half I have given up on that dream. I have a light blue and a dark/country blue yarn which I have restarted his blanket. I have decided to do the mitered square pattern.

I have taken a picture of the progress so far (2 squares), however, I have left my transfer cable for my camera at work attached to my computer. So pictures will not be uploaded until at least tues unless I get a hair up my butt and go to work this weekend.

Side note: the house we went to look at today (the 1800 sq ft one 3 bed 2 bath) was a big hit. We are going to attemt to rent it and move in to it this summer! It is an older house but it is very open with big windows!! sqee!!

Tomorrow I must go to the store and pick up supplies for knitting group. I know that I will be making apple dip (apples with a cream cheese based dip) and something else. Not sure what the something else is yet. Any suggestions are welcome!

Friday, May 18, 2007

goblinmarket Smoke and Scent

goblinmarket Smoke and Scent
Originally uploaded by missviolet.

This is the lastest yarn purchase I made. I grab this up last wed BEFORE I knew my card was stolen (I used a different card btw) sqee Just waiting for it to come in the mail :)


I had three cops in my office today. It turns out that my card WAS stolen. They only charged a little over $100. It was at a raceway and a 7-11.

The cops told me what they normally do is go into office buildings and take one card out of a purse or wallet. If is a check book they will take checks out of the back or middle of the book. They will also take another item that has your name on it for identification purposes, like an insurance card. Also, they like to hit office buildings along the interstate. I was not the only one who was "hit" that day. The two girls that work with the guy said they hit a bunch of other offices that day.

Oh well....that was all the excitement I had today. One of the girls at worked noticed I have bad luck when it comes to my bank account.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I would lose my head if it wasn't bolted down

That statement would be oh so true if I did bolt my head down.

Here is my story. Gather round wee ones.

I was at Chili's with a few people from work for lunch on Monday. On Tuesday I noticed I did not have my debit card. I figured I left it at Chili' I called them and they went off looking for it. The next day I called again and they didn't have it so I cancelled the card. PSH 7 days for a new one. Today I got a call from my bank saying they got a call from the police department saying that they arrested a guy that had my debit card. WHAT!!! I thought it was at Chili's. This guy is known for going into office buildings and taking credit cards out of people's purses. I am not saying that this guy got it there. It could have fallen out of my purse or pocket or many other ways. But the guy got it and he is going DOWN. I am waiting for the cop (Sandi) to call me back to take with her and get all the little details.

I will keep you updated!

Other than that I am working on the same old baby blanket, big blanket, socks, and scarf.....whew that is a lot

Saturday, May 12, 2007


There has been SO much smoke around here. Hopefully some nice gusts of wind will finish clearing out the smoke. I took Friday off since was out of town for the last few weeks. It was a good day of getting some laundry done and put away. We still have a bunch more to finish. I also found my cable needle!!! WOOT I can finish my Irish hiking scarf!! My bro-in-law was in Florida and he also stopped by Friday night. We had a nice little cook out of some awesome steaks.

Saturday night we went to see Kelly interpret Grease! Yes there were a lot of songs and yes Josh did sit through the entire thing and yes he secretly enjoyed it. Every few minutes he would nudge me and say look beer....look at Kelly's face....look a car. Kelly also did an awesome job. Josh learnt a new sign (boobs). Afterward, John, Kelly, Josh, and I were going to eat at the new Wild Wings Cafe. If you have never tried it is awesome. Well it was a 45 minute wait so we walked out and look for other food. Look MEXICAN!! So we went to go eat some mexican and a margarita. Which they did put a lot of alcohol in.....not my fault!! We closed the place down. The entire way home I had to pee and Josh drove SO slow and hit every bump. We get to our complex and he goes around the block...EVIL.

Our kitten likes to try to play with our sucker fish and she fell behind the fish tank a minute ago. HA Poor fish.

Agenda for today - Shave the dog. It is in the 90's now. I don't think he needs his heavy coat.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Since I am on the Ranch a lot I tend to have a bunch of stories and pictures. If you are lucky I might randomly call you from the ranch (when there is service). Like the time I almost ran over a baby cow, or I almost ran over a baby deer, or when someone who wasn't me almost ran over a baby gator. Lots of things tend to jump in front of or out of the way of the trucks. Another common occurance, well common as of last week, is getting stuck in the sand. Since there is a lot of dirt roads there tends to be a lot of sandy areas. Well here are a few pics

Here are a few gators along "aligator alley" at the Ranch. Normally, they are out sunning on the rocks. I am assuming that it was too hot for them that day. This last week has been extremly hot.

This little fella was running along our trucks as we were driving on the Ranch. Baby Cow crossed the road right after I took the picture. Luckily, it didn't cross while we were driving.

At the Headquarters on the Ranch we saw two deer. One is peeking out from behind the tree.

I have at least two more days at the Ranch next week. Then I get to go back to Daytona. Woot beaches I wont have time to see!

This last week was Josh's birthday. I was not able to be home for it since I spent all week working my butt off at the Ranch. To make up for that I got him an AWESOME birthday present. It is a 19 inch flat panel monitor to replace his 16 inch CRT monitor. It is so bright and pretty. I might try to steal it. I am glad I could find something seeing I had an hour to drive to the store by it and drive back all on friday after driving back from the Ranch. I even had some time to stop by Publix and get a cake and a card.

My To Do List Before Monday:

  • Do laundry / pack
  • Work on paperwork
  • Do timesheet and expenses
  • Prep for next week
  • Go to knitting
  • Work on baby blanket

I am sure there are more things I need to get done but I can't remember what they are. But for now it is going to bed.