Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ribbit Ribbit

The other day at work, I was walking around opening up wells and taking water level measurements with on of my coworkers. We saw a tree frog in one of the wells. Well that brightened up my day because I do like animals. A little later on that day we were at a different well. He opened it and it had five tree frogs! Then the best thing happened. One of the frogs, about 2-3 inches long, jumped into my coworkers shirt! Hee went ahhh and I went OMG! Then the frog peed on him. The frog then proceeded to climb outside of his shirt up by the collar and peed there too! At this point I laughing and felt it safe to try and get the frog off of his shirt. The frog them jumped on his hand and he got it off. By the end of this ordeal I was in a laughing fit. He was just squating looking up at me like I was crazy. Everytime I looked at him that day I couldnt help but laugh. I knew there was a reason I liked frogs LMAO!

I have decided that in the near future I will frog some of my unfinished projects. Maybe not all of them. The blankets I will atempt to finish. I just had to get some drinks in me before I do it.

Update on current projects. I finished and felted my fuzzy feet. After the felting I thought they might be to small BUT they fit!

I have started to make a towel for the kitchen. Hopefully it comes out nicely.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It IS all about me

I just found a sweater that is named after me. Maybe I will have to make it one of these days. It is cute but seems quite easy. Link to my sweater. It does look so soft.

Friday, January 12, 2007


It is FINALLY Friday! Let me just start out by saying it has been a looong weekend. I have been out of town all weekend and it is good to be home. Good to take a shower in my own shower. I can not wait to go to sleep in MY bed with my cats and prob the dog.

I have finished one of my fuzzy feet and I have started the second. I haven't gotten to far on it though. This last week had a few long days and a lot of hard work. I am acutally taking a break from knitting tonight because my arms, hands, and wrists are just hurty. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday they will be feeling better.

Plans for tomorrow include do my work landry, picking up around the house, and hopefully going into the back room and moving things around. What I might do is move some stuff from the frount room into the bedroom and move some items out here from the back room. We will see how I am feeling tomorrow. All day long I have not been feeling to well. I think it might have been the lack of sleep and stress of being on the road.

Things to buy for next week include sun screen and lotion (like hand or a thick cream)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Update on my heart attack

I have talked to the manager of the shell station through a helpful employee. This guy, George, has yet to call me about the over draft charges. It is HIS responsiblity to contact the bank to resolve this issue. Since he is not willing to do this I have had to contact my bank...which I really didn't want to do seeing my branch is full of stupid people. So I did not contact my branch. But I have contacted the bank and created a dispute claim. The claim included the overdraft charges as well as the credit that the shell station was suppose to credit to my account that has NOT gone through yet!!!! That made me a little upset. George does know that it has not gone through yet. His response was well you saw that we did credit it back to you. You might have but it hasn't gone through yet!!! WTF.

On monday I will be calling the Circle K rep. I believe this George guy could get off his ass and do a little more to help me. The shell station is owned by Circle K by the way.

This will be fixed this next week!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heart Attack!

On the way to work this morning I stopped off at the shell station. I needed to grab another bag of ice to keep my samples cool. While I was there I figured I might as well grab a soda and some sinus med. That day I was going out in the field with a guy who smokes a WHOLE LOT. I went to work, came home, went to home depot with Josh, got some dinner, and then headed over to wally world. We had a good time out tonight. When we got home I figured I should get online and check things out before I went to bed. I noticed a big dip in the account. Looking at it I saw that the shell station charged me $1,274.69 for my drink and med this morning. WHAT! That can't be right. I race over to the station in my blue pj pants with ducks on them, a clemson shirt, and the only shoes closest to the door (happen to be orange). I also made sure I grabed my laptop seeing I could not find the reciept. I get there and the to girls working were just as shocked and raced into action. I was very happy with that. All I kept thinking was I hope they hurry up and fix this so I can go back it killing me!!

Well they refunded it but the manager is going to call me in the morning to make sure everything is still good.

Off to bed now!! I just hope I won't have nightmares over