Friday, June 29, 2007

fingering weight

You Are the Middle Finger

A bit fragile and dependent on your friends, you're not nearly as hostile as you seem.
You are balanced, easy to get along with, and quite serious.
However, you can get angry and fed up with those around you. And you aren't afraid to show it!

You get along well with: The Index Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky

Sunday, June 24, 2007

all about afghans...

I am known for starting projects and then getting bored with them after a while. They why do I like starting big projects like blankets. Let me just say I started these before I really knew about other yarns outside of Walmart and Michael's.

I know I have mentioned the blanket my mom made for me when I was younger. She made one for my brother and my sister as well. I couldn't decide on what colors I wanted so she made it rainbow and VERY bright. It is made out of Red Heart.
Crochet blanket

This is the first project I started on after I re picked up crocheting. This was also the first pattern I EVER tried. It took me a long time and a lot of help from Stephanie to get the pattern from curling on itself (I think I kept decreasing stitches somehow) My mom liked how this was turning out so well she took it over from me. I have yet to start working on this blanket since.
Crochet blanket

This is the Kittens in a Row. I started this blanket when my mom took the above blanket from me to work on it. I got the pattern from one of my books, however it is found online as well. It is made from simply soft.
Crochet blanket

Here is the fisherman's throw I started. It is out of Caron's one pound in soft sage. I saw this color in the store and was all ooo that is pretty *yank* Now I can not even stand to look at this color. I need to make a lot more squares to make it a decent size. These are the few squares that I have put together.
Crochet blanket

I saw this pattern in one of my books and I really liked it. It is made out of red heart. The colors make it look like fourth of july and not christmas.
Crochet blanket

To reassure you I have finished some projects but these are my big ones that have been hanging out for a while.


*blush* well you see I guess it was just turned off. So well it is working now. *sigh of relief* Now I can go around and take pictures of my UFOS

*Biting lip*

Sooo yesterday we noticed on my camera (Cannon Powershot S1IS) that the LCD display wasnt working. The battery was almost dead so I figured that was the problem...After recharging the batteries it still inst working. I am off to do some recon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007



You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

OMG Stephanie you are a I hadnt thought of that cuz I can tend to be a little slow on these long months LOL :(

Ok but this is a little funny cuz there is NO WAY that I would be able to do anything like that....let along walk and chew gum...
I got into work this morning and went to fill my nalgene up in the break room. The tables were rearranged and there were board games out on it. My first thought was hey maybe they don't want us to work today....just play games. I get back to my desk say something to a coworker about it. They asked me have you looked at your email....well no I hadn't. I Start up the ole puter and login. There is was an email stating their reasoning behind all of the board games.

Need a break from the stress and humdrum of your everyday tasks? For your lunchtime pleasure, a few card and board games have been put in the kitchen. Check them out.

Anyone up for a game?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Josh made me my sandwich today. Nothing too big just a Pb&J. I thought it was sweet. I didn't have to persuade him or anything of that sort. I saw him wrapping it in Al foil and I figured he didn't know where the bags were so I just finished getting ready. When I got to work Bridget and I had a good laugh about how he foiled and bagged my sandwich. Yeah it was cute. So I put it off to the side. My tummy started to grumble and I reached for the Pb&J. I took it out of the bag, unwrapped the HUGE sheet of foil, and the sandwich was suran wrapped....yes he did.

Still cute though
Seeing that everyone else is posting their house and I was not able to post my results (blogger just doesn't like any of the codes that I copy in. I am not sure what is wrong with it but there has to be since I get linked to the quizzes from other people.)

Well anyways it said that I belonged in Gryffindor. For a full reading see Kelly's blog!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thought I would give everyone a quick update. I am still alive!! YAY

I am currently trying to decide what purse I am going to make for the summer KAL/CAL along. There are a few I might try. I am going to use some of my *shudder* red heart on one to attempt to get rid of it!

I am on the foot of my monkey sock. I was SO happy I finished the gusset last night I did not want to go to bed. I have a few more pattern repeats to do. Hopefully I can get that punched out this week. I will take a picture hopefully later this week with the progress of it.

I have been informed by Kelly that I need to put the monkeys aside and work on the harry potter socks for the movie/book release! So I hope to start that soon seeing she is persuading me with yarn that she gave me for it.

Monday, June 11, 2007


This past Saturday was the WWKIP Day (please see Kelly's WWKIP Day Update). It was great we had a great turn out..about 15 people. We met a bunch of new people and had a few of them join us for out weekly sunday knitting group. Kelly finished her monkey socks on sunday.....I started mine over a month ago and she started hers this last week. It doesn't seem fair that I am still working on mine. It is ok I guess I can't really knit while I drive to my work sites...oh how nice that would be.

This last week I got my SP10 package! OMG it was great. The chocolate is gone. I took it with me to the WWKIP Day and forgot about it. I thought it would be a nice little treat to share figuring we would only have a few people there. Well I got all caught up in everything and forgot I threw it in my bag. The next day at knitting I was getting something out of my bag and came across it, slightly melted. We let it re solidify before we tore into it.....mmm so good. We also fondled the lovely yarn. It is wool in shades of greens...eeee...Now I just have to figure out what I want to make with it!!! There were also 2 candles, a berry one and a cookie one and also 3 things of perfume. One of Josh's friends was over when I got the package and I made him and Josh smell everything as I had it sprawled out all over the floor. It was an awesome day!

At work this week I got the wonderful assignment of overseeing septic tank removal. I was expecting it to be pretty nasty. I was happily surprised when it wasn't that bad. The worst part was when the septic truck was there emptying the tanks. I learnt a few things about septic tanks...for example, the septic tank is full when they install it and if you use 30 gallons of water it enters the tank and 30 gallons will leave the tank. EWWW I had a septic tank and I never knew that!

On sunday when I was at the local Walmart picking up random items (like cheap flip flops) I paid and was walking out and noticed a guy sitting in a wheelchair with blood on his head. I walked by processing this and stopped at the greeter and asked if this guy was ok. The greeter responded with I guess so he wanted to sit down...uhh ok. So I walk over to the guy and ask if he is ok and he said he was really tired and need to sit down. I then asked him if he knew he had blood on his head. He was shocked and was all oh no! I asked if he wanted me to help clean it up and he agreed (good thing I am first aid trained!!!) So I went in search of the Walmart first aid kit. I head to the most reasonable place it would be located at, the customer service desk. There was of coarse a line and the lady had a phone glued to her ear. I go straight to the front and ask for their first aid kit. Her response was I don't have one here I think it is up front. So I go over there and ask one of the cashiers. Her response is it is over in sporting goods. I give her this look and said No your first aid kit. There is a guy over there with blood on his head... So she trots off to ask another person. The PIC goes over to the customer service desk and brings out a small first aid kit and opens it with me and says this is all we have. There was a few Q tips and a handful of iodine packets. I look at her and said is that it. I know I had a tone in my voice too. She just stared blankly at me and I said Well I think you should get a decent first aid kit with stuff in it like gloves and maybe band aids. So I go back to the gentlemen and said I will brb I am going to get the first aid kit out of my car. I run out there and get it come back and start cleaning him up and talking. Asking if he has any past medical history. Well he has cancer and is on blood thinners. He had chemo the next day as well. So I was asking if he needed to get a hold of anyone, or his doctor. He said he was ok. Just needed to rest. So I did as much as I could offered him a water and he said no. And I left to get ready for knitting group.
(Sorry If I told you this story already...I know it is long)
The point of the story is maybe it is just my Walmart, since it is really ghetto, maybe not BUT they should have a more decent first aid kit. Makes me wonder if the other safety precautions are kept up.

Ok enough ranting....Time for dinner and bed (and maybe a bit more on the monkey socks!)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

7 random things

Kelly tagged me with the 7 random things post.....the hard part will only be picking out 7 items seeing I am quite random. Here it goes:

1. When my mother was prego with me she also had a tumor in the womb. It grew at the same rate as me and I have since referred to it as my "twin" All of the doctors that my mom went to told her to abort me. However, as you can see now, she would not. She did find a doctor and he made her sign pages after pages saying that when the time came down to it if the tumor came first then the doctors would save me and not my mom. Luckily that was not the case. But it took a lot out of her and she was unable to really do anything but lay in bed the first few months I was born. My sister and dad had to take care of me mainly.

2. I was born without a hip socket. My family had to do exercises with my leg to create one. When the weather changes my hip will hurt.

3. I technically have 3 sibling. Two brothers and one sister. The oldest, Micheal Ray, is dead. He died many many years before I was even thought about. He died when his head hit the glove box in a car accident. My brother Kevin is living in HI he is almost 40 and has a whole bussell of kids. My sister, Johanna, is 33 and living in TN with three kids. I grew up with having her husband, Don, around a lot more than my brother. He normally gets thrown into my brother category.

4. I have never had a hangover. I have woken up drunk the next day and I have thrown up both the same night as well as the next. After I throw up I am perfectly fine. (ie my wendys story)

5. I was hired for my first "big girl" job (meaning I don't work hourly and there is plenty of room for growth) weeks before I graduated from college and it is even what I went to school for! Also it was also my first real job interview.

6. I am naturally a shy and very quiet person. As a kid my mom would take me to the store and forget I was there because I was so quiet. I have also gotten lost on a beach when I was 7. I wandered very far down the beach passing a few life guard stations until there was a crowd of people around one listen to a life guard talk (he was cute btw) so I stopped and he saw me came down and tried to talk to me. Since I was shy I would not say a word. I just stood there. After a while my parents found me (they thought I was with my sister but my sister wanted to go swimming with her friends so she sent me to the RV so I wouldn't get lost.....) Well I never talked to that lifeguard. The last few years I have worked very hard to try to get out of that mold. At times when I am with all new people I will go back to that quiet state.

7. I am deathly afraid of heights and roller coaster and bugs freak the crap out of me. I have been on two roller coasters and I hated both of them. I am not afraid of flying it is when you get up on a cliff and look down and the wind starts blowing. I just don't like that. I was slowing trying to get out of that funk. For the bugs....the more legs they have the worse it is. I can deal will some bugs like fire flys, lady bugs, box elder bugs, and love bugs to name a few....but most other freak me out...some spiders too.

Other random facts....
  • I scream like a the high ahhhh!
  • I hate strawberries, real cherries, and coconut, but I love strawberry and coconut flavoring and the cherries soaked in sugar and dye.
  • growing up every four years we moved
  • I hate ironing
  • I don't make my bed unless I know people are coming over
  • I do not have a green thumb. I am shocked that the 4 plants I have in the house are alive
  • I am bad about going to the post office to mail stuff....I normally send someone else to do it
  • I have only quit one job because I did not like it
  • I try to be easy to get along with but once you piss me off I will put up with you but not be social
  • If you are family or friend and I get upset just wait 5 mins and let me be pissed off...leave the room and I will be more reasonable and a lot happier
  • One of the few words of wisdom a stranger told me is no one really cares if you are happy or not so when someone asks you how you are you just say great
  • The other words of wisdom a stranger told me is no one likes to hang around sad and moppy people. If you want to have a lot of friends then you have to at least act happy.

Ok I think that is it for now. I have a lot of other random facts about me but I havent gone grocery shopping in a week and it needs to be done!

I am tagging Latice and Stephanie