Monday, June 26, 2006

For the record

I am still alive! I lasted my first day out in the field. It was pretty cool. I got to play in some dirt run the errands (I don't have my site supervisor yet...hopefully this week!!) I got to talk to some cool dillers. and oooOOOOooo I got to see a bunch of trains....a bunch of HUGE trains! No pics as of yet. I was too busy running around with my head cut off. I was suppose to go to another site all week long this week....but well you know how it goes. The paperwork didnt get finished so it was delayed. *sigh* I am heading over to Jacksonville sometime this week....and maybe next week.

I am not a noob anymore. There is a new girl to blame everything on. She just started today. I told her to give me a call and we can hang out or if she needs help finding anything we could get lost

I have ordered a new power cord for lappy. It should come the lasted by friday!! wooooo

I got my business cards now.....but with my wrong email. Soon I should have some new ones!!

This evening I have to take the guy next door to pick up his suit. The is a drunk A guy that is umm "hurt" from work. Boy is tired of driving him around. He is the type that always knows what is best. Boy took him to the place earlier and well lets just say he found out it wasn't coke in his coke can. So me being a hard ass is going to handle him.

Rules for this little trip:
  1. No drinking *anything* in my car (yes I did empty my car of all the water bottles)
  2. No touching my car my music
  3. No being an ass to anyone while im around (this afternoon he was being assy to a guy cuz he thought he was an arab.....well turns out that guy was't)
  4. And no taking long...why because I have a life

Sunday, June 18, 2006

So we have internet now....however, my lappy's power cord is umm broken. There is a short in it and I have to at least wait til pay day before I can get a new one. Boy brought me a puter but we think that there is something wrong with the video card. It will not get the signal from either one of our monitors. Yeah it kinda sucks. Right now I have stolen boys puter and well I think he is getting a little bored of watching me type and having the tv on. I have still been checking my gmail account when I am at work.

Last week I was sent to Orlando. That was an interesting week. I completed my HAZWOPER class. For those of you who don't know what HAZWOPER is it is hazardous waste operations and emergency response. The instructor tried to make that class entertaining and I thanked him. Otherwise I would have slept ALL week long. The company put me up in a hotel all week so I would have to make the 70 mile drive. I left on Monday to get up there for the start of the class on Tuesday. This was the time frame of our first storm of the season. It didn't upgrade past a tropical storm and where I was didn't get hit bad. The house just got a lot of rain. Tornadoes did hit down in the next county.

oooo in class I got to dress up in a training bunny suit. It is so cool. They let me take it home so I can get pics of it.

This week I am going to Cantonment. They are going to ship me all over. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

no internet!!

Right now I am sitting in my backyard stealing someone's internet. I think I am going to set up the swing so I can sit on that and be able to still type. Inside the house I don't get as good of service. On the 15th we should have cable internet so watch out world. So far everything is going ok. I start work tomorrow. The weather has been nice to us so far. No hurricanes *knocks on wood*
About 25 boxes have been unpacked so far and it hasn't made a dent in our mess we call a house so far. *sigh* it is gonna be a while I just know it.

Ok that is enough of an update. Gotta go get things out for work tomorrow.