Sunday, August 20, 2006

No body puts baby in a corner!

Since moving here things have just seemed right. Everyone is telling me I am doing an awesome job at work. And that they think I have been there a lot longer than I really have been because I just fit in. That feels good to hear. I was out on a short (2 day) trip with one of the guys when I received a call from the office. They were having a drawing for Buccaneers tickets. I put my name down. There happens to be 50 people in my office and at least 20 people in my section (environmental). We got back to the office around 12 and at 1 they had the drawing. The other new girl (newer than me!) got two tickets and a parking pass. And somehow I got the second pack of two tickets and a parking pass!!! HELL YEAH!! Boy and I needed to go out and do something fun. It always seems like I am working and when I have free time he is working. He has started his classes so it is going to be a little crazy. Let me just say it was a great game against miami. We didn't win but it was really close (13-10 miami) The seat were in the nose bleed section but it was a great view and it didnt rain.
currenty i am making pizza, washing my field clothes, and working on my criss cross cable "glass" cozy.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

badger badger badger

argh! a snake a snake

So I was doing some laundry today and was picking some towels in the bathroom and saw a worm. OMG so I yelled at boy and he started poking it and said umm I don't think worms move that fast. I think it is a little snake. It was black and about 3 inches long. So about 10 mins later we finally got it and let it outside. That was a little odd.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Please enjoy the music while you are on hold....lalalalala

For about the last week I have been having problems with my internet. It is kinda funny actually. We have the brand new fiber optic cable internet and TV. For the last week or so the internet has kicked us off every 5 to 10 mins. It kinda sucks. We have called Verizon many many MANY times. They have sent a lot of ppl 5. First, they insisted that it was on our our computers. We finally convinced them that we really are using two different computers and experiencing the same problems at the same time on both computers. Then they came out and was convinced that it was the equipment on our end. That seems more reasonable than it being our puters. Well they changed EVERYTHING..the router, the box outside, the freakin cables. Well that didn't work *sigh* They came out and did it again! Still didn't work....surprise surprise. Then a new guy...a higher up guy....came out. He did everything AGAIN. And then said yeah I thought so it IS on our end. I had to redo everything just to be on the safe side. So they had to turn off the internet to about 100 ppl last night at about 1am. This was to update the software. Apparently, we got old software and was the only one experiencing problems. So fixing the software would fix this problem right? WRONG!!! It is still doing the same thing. After work I called them and told them there was still a problem. Well this is very odd they say. They have moved this problem up to the engineers. Will they be able to fix this horrible occurrence. I do hope so. I miss being online for more than 20 minutes. Until we get the internet up and running I might not be on any ims. You can still reach me on is the best I can check that at work too! Lets hope they fix it soon.
Wish me luck!