Saturday, March 04, 2006

Not a fan of snowflakes

So I have decided to burn all my candles so when I do move I won't have to throw then away. That just seems like a huge waste to me...I mean I spent all that money just to throw them away. I got two candles from the bookstore around christmas time and I have still been burning them. I thought they were cute so I got two.

Now isn't that a pretty candle. It has blue and white snowflakes and has a very light smell of pepermint.

Ok so I have only been burning one....

So I'm sitting here in my front room working on some potholders with some christmas yarn I found (yeah a xmas candles and yarn!!). So I look up to see the movie I am watching, panic room on cbs, and I see this lovely image.

Yeah that is that cute little candle about to burn my house down! I am thinking that maybe one of those nice little snowflakes caught on fire. I have to say I was a little shocked. The fire was rolling from side to side in that glass container

This is the burnt candle afterward. Needless to say, I am not going to burn that other candle. Let it be a waste!

Ok so I guess I am back to my potholders. One is almost done!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

So I decided to take the day off from school today. Growing up when I did this my mom had me help clean the house. Blast her! My day off I spent it cleaning the house...I really washed my glass door and inside of my windows! So while I was cleaning my Cat went crazy. There was this little dog outside. As I went out to throw away my first can of trash I thought to myself I wonder if that is one of the dogs from across the street. I called my dad and he said it was prob from up the street and they are always out. Ok fine I let her be. This little dog came back that day and girl saw her take up the creek. About 20 minutes later I am outside repotting some plants and I hear the old lady across the street yelling. So I go over there and she tells me her little dog got out. Yeah that came to my house twice. I helped looked and couldnt find it. While I am outside washing my patio doors I hear this dog out behind my house and it is crying like it is hurt. So what do I do...I go inside and put on my hiking boots. I go over to the creek and start to follow it up. My boots have been through a lot and well they aren't really water proof anymore. So I hike my but up that creek having to get out of the water cuz it got a little deep. Find the dog on the OTHER side of the creek. Not the ladys dog...this is a new dog...a cute little puppy. Well I couldnt get to it and I wasnt going to try. In that 20 minutes trying to find the dog I got all sorts of scratched up and maybe even a little posion ivy. I am not sure....I just see a little dot on my hand like the last time I got posion ivy. if it turns into two dots tomorrow then we will know what it is. On my way back down the creek, I got stuck in the creek that I mean I couldn't get up the bank because there were too many thorns. So I try my luck and head down the got really deep. Like up to my knees. So my boots are in my window drying out and I'm washing my brand new jeans. They still haven't found the dog so i get to listen to this readneck older lady yell the dogs name, GeeChee I think, and then Come Hoooome. If I was the dog I know I wouldn't be in a hurry to come home to that. Well I'm off to do more cleaning!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dusty Dusty

Well I have started taking pictures of our remodel at the ole' bookstore.

This is the day before the guys came to start ripping our store apart. This picture is looking into A & E. Currently, we have maybe 5 pens for sale in the ENTIRE store. Pretty much all of A & E is packed up.

This is what our front end looks like the day before the guys came over. We are now operating out on the floor. There is no customer service area in the front end...wooo

This is the first day of our remodeling effort. The front desk is well surrounded by plastic! We don't have a computer to look up book prices, we don't have buyback, and well we don't have any phones. heh....That means WE don't have to answer them!

This is looking in a crack to see what the boys are up to. If you look at the door you can see he is ripping it off. That was really loud and our freakin fire alarms went off. I'm just glad it was 76 outside today :)

This is a closer view behind the plastic. I didn't get the wall in the picture where our film and clock normally is at because it is gone. The soda machines are just standing there with no wall!

This is the first day of the remodel looking into A & E. There is only a small area where we are selling those 5 pens.

When I left today they were starting to rip up the carpet as well as rip off the molding around the clothing wall, starting at the lockers.

Well this has been a very exciting week. We started this and I have taken two tests.....
My phone broke today. A huge piece came off right at the hinge...So tomorrow when I get out of birdwatching I am going to go up to Anderson to get that looked at. I went today and got there at 7:02...Sprint closed at 7:00 *sigh*

Well its been a long week so I think I am going to go to bed waay early tonight.

More pictures of the store to come